AFIS (Assembly For International Students)

LOKO, Stura and KULeuven (Pangaea) are organizing a series of unique events for all the internationals that are associated with the universi...

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LOKO International presenteert: Orientation Days

Dear internationals: WELCOME TO LEUVEN!The academic year is slowly starting and to make the transition to this awesome student city a bit ea...

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Loop stage bij LOKO!

Wij zijn op zoek naar gemotiveerde stagiairs!  Wou je altijd al meewerken aan de 24 urenloop of Survival of the Student? Bekijk de sta...

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Think Abroad

Think Abroad - Explore Different CulturesDear students, can we grab your undivided attention for a minute?Loko International presents you th...

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Think Abroad Month 2017 - program

From February 13th to March 13, LOKO International, Pangaea, ALMA KU Leuven, the kringen and the student associations celebra...

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LOKO International

LOKO International is the department of LOKO responsible for integration and internationalisation. It aims to make Leuven as accessible as possible for non-Dutch speakers, to create social structures for international and Belgian students, and to support student unions and other student organisations in their international operations.

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