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Albatros history and vision

Party hall Albatros is run by students in Leuven, with the aim to offer a decent party hall as cheap as possible to students and other associations. The hall is located in the heart of Leuven and is owned by LOKOthe Leuven Student Council.

Prices and reservations

You can reserve your party every weekday at LOKO, between 9:00 and 17:00. For info, you can visit our office, mail us at albatros@loko.be or give us a call 016/22 3109. A reservation is only final after the signing of the contract and the transfer of the deposit.

Rent room:

  • 365 euros per night for a party (22h-05h)
  • 180 euros for a cantus (20h-02h)
  • The hall is also available for hire during the day (per hour, until 21:00). Contact us via albatros@loko.be to discuss your wishes!

Included: fair compensation, sound and light, crew cloakroom, DJ-set (DJM800 + 2 x CDJ 2000).
Not included: cleaning, other personnel, warrant, furniture for cantus

Discounts (only for a party):

  •      During weekends, holidays and exam periods rent is only €260. (Old and New Year excluded).
  •      Faculty and college circles recognized by LOKO pay only €260.
  •      With every fourth party of an association within the same academic year, the rent is for free.
  •      When the record (currently in the name of Politika) of 24 barrels Stella Artois consumed gets broken, the rent is for free!

The deposit must be paid within ten days after the signing of the contract and at the latest three working days before the rental. The deposit is €200 and should be transferred to account number IBAN BE34 0682 4443 6690 (BIC GKCCBEBB) on behalf of Andre vzw, 's Meierstraat 5, 3000 Leuven, indicating the name of your association and date of your reservation. If the agreement is infringed in any way, there will be cut from your deposit.


Beers and wine

    Groot vat Stella (50l): 175€
    Klein vat Stella (30l): 135€
    Flesje Stella/BelleVue X-tra (25cl): 1,20€
    Cubanisto: 1,7€
    Blik Red Bull: 2€
    Fles Wijn wit/Wijn rood (0,75l): 7,50€

Soda (1l)

    Pepsi/Pepsi Max: 3€
    Water bruis/Water plat: 3€
    Limonade: 3€
    Fruitsap: 3€

In consultation with the management, it is possible to bring your own drinks to the room.

     Fix price > 20l: € 300
     Amount per liter <20l: € 15

Additional comments: Following beverages are not allowed anyway, as they are already included in the available beverage package: lagers, cola, lemonade, energy drinks, wine, fruit drinks ... Equivalents and pre-prepared cocktails are also prohibited. If the tenant wishes to bring their own drinks, they notify in advance what and how much. You take empty bottles back with you.

Please note that these prices are not binding and may be modified at any time, even for contracts already signed (see Article 4 - Drink).




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